Meet the Team

Dedicated Blueshirts and team members make your meetings a breeze!


Dave Geikler, CEO / Founder

CEO and founder of The Solution Center. Dave's whole world is meetings - from making sure that every obstacle is preemptively hurdled to keeping people happy.


Angela Rizzo, Director of Accounting / HR

A dedicated and talented accounting and HR person, Angela Rizzo has been with The Solution Center for nearly fifteen years and is an integral part of making our clients's experiences great.


Kate Frohman, CMP

Kate is The Solution Center's exceedingly talented and certified Professional Meeting Planner. She has years of experience and has cultivated a bespoke system for catering to client needs.


Jon Boylan, Client Services Coordinator

Scum of the earth. Jon has a varied professional history and no discernible skills or qualities. He occasionally smiles and we've been told he smells funny.

Andy Ruckert, Operations Manager

Andy is The Solution Center's Operations Manager and evening client services coordinator - his smiling face will greet clients and can be seen crafting client-specific room setups throughout.