Welcome to The Café at The Solution Center.

When people take advantage of our meeting facility, they often remark with a grin that the Café is the real reason they're here. The Café is dear to our hearts for the bounty of conversation it strikes up, the smile it brings to a client’s face, or for the simple fact that we stock the things that we like to eat. Our clients often come up with their own monikers for it… The Snack Palace. The I-Can’t-Believe-They-Have-Those! The I-Would-Never-Stop-Eating-If-I-Worked-Here. The How-Can-You-Stand-The-Temptation-Of-All-This-Amazing-Food?

Come for your meeting. Come back for the snacks.

Some of the items available in The Café include: All day beverage service of assorted coffees (Starbucks), hot teas, sodas (Coke & Pepsi products), bottled juices, bottled water, bagels, muffins, yogurts, whole fruit, cheeses, vegetables & dip, freshly baked cookies, protein and low carb bars, candy bars, chips & pretzels, nuts, ice cream bars.

Everyone who attends a meeting at The Solution Center has access to The Café throughout the duration of their meeting.